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 World Radio and TV Tuner 5.5 + Crack [504boyz]

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MesazhTitulli: World Radio and TV Tuner 5.5 + Crack [504boyz]   Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:52 pm

So, do you want to watch Online TV eh?

You are in the right place; our live Television channels database is
the biggest worldwide. With world TV and Radio Tuner you can watch 1243
live television channels and listen to 7860+ online radio stations.

Live online television and radio are growing. Every single day at least
a new radio station or TV channel come "live" on The Net. We are here
to offer you our best effort in searching, selecting and adding those
stations to our lineup.

world TVRT has TV channels from 120 countries and radio stations from
160 countries. Our registered version has special channels selected
from the best of the best not available in the trial version..... (more

Online Television and web-radio Glossary
Internet TV: Because of the increase in Internet connection speeds and
the total number of people online, and the decrease in connection
costs; it is increasingly common to find traditional television
content, accessible freely and legally over the Internet. This comes in
four basic forms:

TV channels which exist only on the internet.
Traditional stations that simulcast live on the net.
Traditional stations making select content available on demand at their
website (this is especially popular with news channels).
Traditional TV stations making extra content exclusively for their website.
Internet radio stations is a broadcasting service transmitted via the
Internet. Not every internet radio station has a corresponding
traditional radio station. Many internet radio stations are completely
independent from traditional ("terrestrial" radio stations and broadcast only on the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as streaming.

Streaming media is media that is consumed (read, heard, viewed) while
it is being delivered. Although it is generally used in the context of
certain content types ("streaming audio", "streaming video", etc),
streaming is more a property of the delivery systems employed to
distribute that content (online radio and online television). The
distinction is usually applied to media that are distributed over
computer networks; most other delivery systems are either inherently
streaming (radio, television)

webcast is similar in intent to a broadcast television program but
designed for internet transmission. Webcast clients allow a user to
connect to a server, which is distributing (webcasting) the webcast,
and displays the televisual content to the user it could be: internet
radio stations or online television channels.

Web-radio: (also known as Internet Radio), Web radio and Web-TV are
radioTV transmitting stations which use internet, differently from
conventional Radio which are “on-air” to spread their frequencies. That
different technology has got several differencies in functioning and
charateristics. Obviously Web radio, using a system more recent and
powerful, get innumerable advantages in comparison with Fm. Radio
Covering diffusion: a program transmitted via internet is available all
over the world, in comparison of FM Frequencies which cover small
geographic areas. Interactivity; Web Radio frequency signal is
bi-directional then communication reaches customers and reverse
(customer may interact with the broadcast in many ways- on demand-
untill he can manage in total autonomy his own Playlist).

Because the internet radio signal is relayed over the Internet, it is
possible to access the internet radio stations from anywhere in the
For example, to listen to a Japanese radio station from Europe or
America. This makes it a popular service for expatriates, immigrantes,
languages students and for people who have interests that may not be
adequately catered for by their local radio stations (such as
progressive rock, jazz, classical music, etc). Some of the internet
radio services offer news, sports, talkback, and various genres of music


Step 1: Install the program
Step 2: Backup the original executable
Step 3: Replace with the cracked executable
Step 4: Run the application. worldradiotvtuner55._.crack.rar

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World Radio and TV Tuner 5.5 + Crack [504boyz]
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