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 Mr Fix It Utilities -10in1- (AIO)

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Vendi : john-f-kennedy
Registration date : 11/10/2007

MesazhTitulli: Mr Fix It Utilities -10in1- (AIO)   Sat Jan 10, 2009 5:26 pm

Ace Utilities 4.2.0 Build 456
Error Repair Pro v3.8.4
Glary Utilities Pro v2.6.0228
MindSoft Utilities XP 9 80 2008 10
PC Washer v2.0.2 Build 0801-08
Pointstone System Cleaner v5.6.0.202
Super Utilities Pro 2008 v8 3
Ultimate Troubleshooter v4 67
Uniblue PowerSuite v1.5
WinTools NET Ultimate v8.8.0.8800

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Ace Utilities 4.2.0 Build 456
Error Repair Pro v3.8.4
Glary Utilities Pro v2.6.0228
MindSoft Utilities XP 9 80 2008 10
PC Washer v2.0.2 Build 0801-08
Pointstone System Cleaner v5.6.0.202
Super Utilities Pro 2008 v8 3
Ultimate Troubleshooter v4 67
Uniblue PowerSuite v1.5
WinTools NET Ultimate v8.8.0.8800

Ace Utilities
is an award winning collection of tools to
optimize your PC's performance. It allows you to find and
remove the junk files in your PC, invalid registry
entries, delete your internet usage history, provides
plug-in support to erase the usage-history for over 200
third-party applications, manage your internet cookies and
much more. With a detailed startup-manager you can see
what all programs, services, drivers, etc start
automatically with Windows and optionally disable them.
Furthermore, Ace Utilities also includes options to find
true duplicate files, fix or remove broken shortcuts and
to uninstall software completely. Other features include
secure file deletion, disk space analysis, an empty-folder
finder and more. Read More
* Clean junk, temporary and obsolete files from your disks
using a swift disk cleaner.
* The most advanced registry cleaner to clean the Windows
* Clean browser and application history, cache, temp
files, cookies etc.
* Control the applications that start automatically with
Windows using a startup manager.
* Fix broken Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts.
* Remove true duplicate files.
* Uninstall applications easily and correctly.
* Two modes - expert and normal.
* User friendly, stable and safe.
* Much more utilities...
* Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows.
* Run applications smoothly and reduces crashes.
* Load Windows faster.
* Protect your privacy and security.
* Regain disk space.
* Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.
* Fix certain application errors.
* No need to spend too much time; do it ultra fast.
* Runs much more quickly than others in its class and is
very safe

Home page:

PC Washer
is a powerful system
cleaning software that allows you to
clean your hard disk and registry,
it can locate and remove garbage
files in your hard disk to release
the wasted disk space, clean and
repair all the errors in the
registry to speed up your PC, clean
the history of your activities to
protect your privacy.

Is your PC slowing down? This is
probably happening because there are
too many garbage files that are
blocking your computer and slowing
down the system, but PC Washer will
sweep your PC and keep it running
smoothly. The Registry is the most
important database of the Windows,
PC Washer uses high performance
technology to scan more than 10
important parts of the registry, and it
can clean and fix the errors and
improve the performance of your PC.

Home page:

Pointstone System Cleaner
Here's what's stopping your PC from performing like it did
when it was new...
Your PC is slowing down. Programs don't run as fast as they
used to; it takes longer to boot up in the morning and
sometimes it takes forever to shut down at the end of the
day. Don't worry, you're not alone. These kinds of things
happen to all PCs eventually. It's not your fault.

Your PC needs an occasional tune-up just like your car does.
Files become fragmented, disk caches fill up, the
all-important Windows Registry gets disorganized and, before
you know it, your PC starts letting you down when you need it
the most.

These problems are not going to go away by themselves...
But it doesn't take much to fix them. All you have to do is
download System Cleaner®, the premier software package that's
custom designed to get your Windows-based PC performing as if
it were factory new, and you're all set.

Forget those expensive and complicated programs that take a
long time to set up and even longer to run. System Cleaner®
is lightning-fast. Just download the self-installer, click a
few times, and your PC will be in tip-top shape before you
know it.

System Cleaner® takes care of all the common PC headaches
that slow your system down and puts your data at risk from
disk failure. It also takes care of many of the of the PC
problems that other so-called tune-up programs ignore.

System Cleaner® also includes a comprehensive "secrets
eraser" that scrubs all of your computer and internet
activity files and removes every last trace of where you have
been and what you did while you were there.

Just look at everything that System Cleaner® does:

Restores your hard drive's performance
Fixes system errors that slow your PC down and cause it to
Speeds up your PC's execution of software programs
Removes space-wasting temporary files and other unnecessary
disk clutter
Tunes up and optimizes the Windows Registry
Erases all evidence of your computer and internet activity
Makes your PC boot faster
Makes your PC shutdown faster
Fine-tunes all important Windows settings
And more. Click here to see everything that System Cleaner
System Cleaner® is the fastest and easiest way to restore
your PC's health without spending a fortune to do it. See for
yourself by downloading the Free evaluation copy right now.

Home page:

Super Utilities Pro
* Clean your PC and increase performance
* Check and secure your PC against spyware
* Protect and secure your sensitive information
* Maintenance your PC and make it faster
* More easy-to-use tools that make you more efficient

Super Utilities offers 28 tools for fixing, speeding up, maintaining, and protecting your PC.
Utilities - Make your computer run faster, safer, with greater privacy
and security. With only a few minutes of tweaking, Super Utilities will
optimize the performance of your computer, corrects problems and helps
you to customize your system to suit your needs.
Super Utilities
(for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista) is a collection of tools to fix,
speed up, and maintain your PC! These utilities include Disk Cleaner,
Registry Cleaner, Uninstall Plus, StartUp Manager, Folder Guard, Tracks
Washer, Driver Backup, Auto Shutdown, Windows Manager and Process
Manager. With a cool and user-friendly interface makes it easy for
anyone to use Super Utilities.

Full service for your windows PC
* Super Utilities offers 28 tools for cleaning,fixing, speeding up, maintaining, and protecting your PC.
System Cleaner: Make your PC faster, more stable, and more efficient by
cleaning and optimizing your hard drive, memory, software, and Windows
* Security Doctor: Protect your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers and tracking threats.
* Privacy Protector: Keep your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.
* System Maintenance: Easily perform complicated system maintenance tasks, and keep your computer running quickly and smoothly.
* Special Tools: More easy-to-use tools that make your computing safer and more efficient.
* More windows utilities will be added.

- Disk Cleaner. Get rid of junk files on your PC
- Registry Cleaner. Clean and optimize your system registry
- Uninstall Plus. Completely uninstall any software
- Memory Turbo. Recover, defragment, & optimize system memory
- Shortcuts Repairer. Find and fix broken shortcuts
- Spyware Removal. Remove spyware, adware, trojans, and keyloggers
- StartUp Organizer. Start-up Windows faster
- Super Task Manager. Take control of all running processes
- Service Manager. Take control of all windows services
- BHO Cleaner. Remove unwanted browser helper objects
- IE Password Manager. Manage passwords and AutoComplete strings of IE
- Hide Folder. Hide your files and folders
- Tracks Washer. Cover the tracks you leave behind
- IE Privacy Manager. Manage typed URLS and history items of IE
- Super ExeLock. Password protect your programs
- Super Shredder. Securely delete sensitive information
- SuperMenu Guard. Protect favorite sites and start menu
- Windows Manager. Tailor windows to meet your individual needs
- IE Protector. Protect the settings of Internet Explorer
- Driver Backup. Grab all of your drivers, and store them for you in a safe place
- File Type Manager. A sophisticated file type management tool
- Windows Tools. Several essential utilities of windows
- System Information. Gather information about your hardware and software
- Auto Shutdown. A complete shutdown, restart, and logoff manager
- Folder Analyzer. Find out where all your hard drive space went
- Super Undelete. Recover deleted files
- Super Shell. A unique handy collection of tools
- Super Mounter. Mount ISO file as virtual CD-ROM


Ultimate Troubleshooter
*********************** A staggering 65% of problems which a PC
encounters (lockups, crashes, blue screens of
death, computer is running slow, sluggish PC),
whether in business or at home, are not caused by
hardware problems, they are not caused by viruses,
they are not caused by spyware ? they are caused by gely to
and well-known software you use every day ! °
For example : perhaps you have a laptop which
works wirelessly in your home with no problems
whatsoever. However, when you take it on your
travels you are unable to connect to any wireless
network. You're frustrated, you've asked a friend
to help, you've been to the PC repair store ? and
still no joy ? you can use wireless only in your
own home !! This is where The Ultimate
Troubleshooter (TUT) comes in : load it, and
immediately it identifies for you the background
task which is causing this nightmare. And the
irony : the wireless router installation CD sent
that task, and, naturally, you never suspected it
might be the cause of all your problems. See
what's new in Version 4 !
This is just one of the many benefits which have
made The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT) the PC
Tuning and PC Troubleshooting tool of choice for
Home Users, Small Businesses, and IT Specialists
and Large Corporations alike. TUT is PC
healthcae, PC repair, PC tuning, and PC
maintenance in Plain English.

Uniblue PowerSuite
Performance, Stability and Security in One Simple Package.
PowerSuite combines RegistryBooster 2, SpeedUpMyPC 3 and SpyEraser,
into one advanced yet simple solution delivering improved information
security, maximized computer performance and increased system stability.

How Does PowerSuite Work?
firewalls and anti-virus products are important, on their own they
won’t be enough to protect you from intrusive spyware, or improve your
PC’s performance. This is why PowerSuite has been developed to be the
perfect support bundle for Windows PC users, operating with existing
firewalls and antivirus programs.

PowerSuite combines Uniblue’s
range of award winning and market leading utility products into a
single package that provides advanced functionality without
compromising simplicity or ease of use. By integrating RegistryBooster
2, SpeedUpMyPC 3 and SpyEraser, home and business users are offered a
range of professional level tools that deliver the outstanding levels
of performance, stability and security that the modern computer user
requires and demands.

Use PowerSuite to:

* Maximize your computer’s processing power
* Accelerate data download speeds
* Remove spyware, increasing data protection and security
* Scan and optimize your PC’s registry, improving system stability
* Benefit from other privacy protection and file shredding features

home page:

WinTools NET Ultimate
Is a suite of tools for increasing MS Windows operating
system performance. cleanly removes unwanted software from disk
and dead references from the Windows registry.
puts you
in control of the Windows start up process, memory monitoring
and gives you
the power to customize desktop and system settings to fit
your needs.
Adds more speed and stability for your connection. Ensures
your privacy
and keep sensitive information secure. Ultimate
contains tools:
Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry,
Startup Manager,
Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, The Privacy, Invisible Man, File

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Mr Fix It Utilities -10in1- (AIO)
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