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 XP Hack -5in1- (AIO)

Shko poshtė 

Numri i postimeve : 495
Vendi : john-f-kennedy
Registration date : 11/10/2007

MesazhTitulli: XP Hack -5in1- (AIO)   Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:25 am

XP Hack -5in1- (AIO)


1. CIACommander
2. WpaKill
3. Activate
4. Enable Updates
5. Windows Genuine Validation Bypass

Windows 2003 & XP & LH
Anti Product Activation Crack 2.0.1

The crack will patch some bytes in your
winlogon.exe and totally disable the
Windows Product Activation Check.

Tested with winlogon.exe build:
Windows XP 2600.0 (Retail)
Windows 2K3 3790.0 (Retail)
Windows XP 2600.2180 (SP2 RTM)
Windows XP 2600.1106 (SP1)
Windows 2K3 3790.1218 (8.7.2004)
Windows Longhorn 4008 or 4015(not tested by myself)

This version uses a generic patch engine
which supports all current version of Windows
and hopefully all future ones.

The Options

1. Read all about the options.
2. Don't change anything you without a reason.

* Apply OOBE Fix
This applies the Out Of Box Experience ->OOBE Patch
which removes the 'Activate Windows' link from the
start menu and makes the Activating Windows Dialog
saying 'Already Activated'

Note: This is more a cosmetically fix and really not
needed for the patch to work properly.

* Apply WPA Fix
This removes the WPA-Check in Winlogon.exe.
If you want to get rid of the Windows Activation
this MUST be Enabled !
Disable this if you just want to undo the OOBE-Fix.

Note: However you can use this program also to
decrypt and unprotect other MS-Files
like DPCDLL.dll or LICDLL.DLL. So if you
do so disable this option.

* Remove selfcheck blocks
If you press the 'Apply' Button the self checks are always
disable by 'correcting' the pointer.

This option will additionally overwrite the self check block
calls in the program code with the Value 90 (NOP=No OPeration)
and will improve the readability of disassembly.

Note: This option is absolutely not necessary for the patch to work.

* Remove crypt blocks
This will decrypt the crypt program parts of the input file and
write them back to into the exe and do some other fixes to keep the
File executable. If you want to disassemble the file enable this one.

Note: This option is absolutely not necessary for the patch to work.

* Debug: Save decrypted code to *.bin
Writes each decrypted program parts into a file with the
address as filename looking like this: 2C18D.bin, 3678B.bin...

* Debug: Save decrypted code to exe
Writes each decrypted program parts back into the file.
If the option 'Remove crypt blocks' is not check just the decrypted
RAW-Output is written into the exe. (After you enable this you
have to right click on 'Apply/Browse' and open the file you want
to decrypt)

Note: This option is dangerous!
Without having 'Remove crypt blocks' option enabled this will
make crash the input file crash for sure.
This option is absolutely not necessary for the patch to work.

* Debug: Verbose Output
Output Debug information
This may be helpful to identify some problems.

F A Q - Frequently Asked Questions

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
I after I have installed a Service pack an the Activation the
Activation Reminder –counting down the days -is show again.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

You must reapply the patch every time after you installed a servicepack and
everything will be fine

Note: The Patch don’t ‘activated’ Windows it only removes the check in winlogon.exe
which test if windows is activated or if it’s still in the evaluation period
and force you to logoff if something is wrong.

When you install a servicepack winlogon.exe is normally overwritten by a new
Not patched Version. So you need reapply the patch…
Usually the servicepack reset the trial counter so it will restart at 30 days.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
I can’t start patch because my evaluation period expired and
Now I’m unable to login.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

You can still login in safe mode even if your evaluation period expired.
Press F8 right after the Bios boot screen and select Safe Mode
(Without Network support) menu now windows should boot in safe mode and you can
Login and apply the Anti-WPA-Patch.

Note: Since no Network support is available in safe mode no Internet or Network
Is available so it’s good to have the patch somewhere on the hard disk or on a
floppy disk…
If you select Safe Mode (with Network support) you are unable to login due to
Activation is necessary.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
I want to change my CD-Key - but msoobe.exe also says
'Already Activated and don't show the Activation Dialog
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

Enable option 'Apply OOBE Fix' and
Disable option 'Apply &WPA Fix' -to keep the WPA-Patch active-
then click on the 'Restore Backup' Button

Start regedit and go to
HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\WPAEvents\\[OOBETimer]
Edit this and set Last Byte to FF.
Start this -if the Activation are delete- to show the Activation dialog:
%SYSTEMROOT%\\system32\\oobe\\msoobe.exe /A

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
Is it possible to integrate WPA_KILL.EXE in the WinXP setup-routine?
I have a WinXP pro setup CD (sp2 integrated).
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

Integrating the AntiWPA Patch in the Windows Setup:

1. Extract [WindowsSetupDir]\\i386\\winlogon.ex_ to a temporary Dir.
(Winrar or winace will do the job - or rename it to and
double-click on it - to use the build-in WindowsCabExtract)

2. Apply the WPA Crack to the file.
Right click on 'Apply/Browse' and choose the file.
(To unlock all buttons of the WPA-Patch right click on 'Quit')

3. Repack winlogon.exe an put it back in the installation folder
Use Winace (and choose MS-Cab as compression method) and name
the packed cab-file winlogon.ex_.
Or use the makecab.exe(included in Windows XP) start cmd.exe in the dir
winlogon.exe is in and Enter:

makecab winlogon.exe

After that you will get winlogon.ex_ as output.

In previous versions the PE Checksum of the file wasn't updated by the patch.
This caused setup to reject winlogon.exe during installation.
But this has been fixed in this version.

Manually OOBE_Fix for WindowsSetup
Since I see people integrating the patched winlogon.exe into windows setup are
perfectionist here's a hint how to may you get rid of the activationlinks in
the startmenu (-untested-):
Ok unpack and edit syssetup.inf

1. search for
and delete this to avoid the activate link in START
%oobe_desc% = oobe\\msoobe.exe,"%%SYSTEMROOT%%\\system32\\oobe\\msoo be.exe

(btw you can also delete this unless %windowscatalog% link section if you like)

2. In SystemTools it's the same
%oobe_desc% = oobe\\msoobe.ex...

Just for better understanding the inf-file format at the end is defined what the variable "oobe_desc" is:
oobe_desc = "Windows aktivieren"
This was were I first stepped when I searched for "Windows aktivieren" in C:\\windows
The second was to look for oobe_desc...

No-CDKey-Patch for WindowsSetup
- Since I got some positiv feedback about this I decided to publish this.
But so far I'ven't test it myself-

This will make the WindowsSetup to accept any -even a blank- CDKey
Get " pidgen for setup.rar"
Pack it pidgen.dll with cab-pack to pidgen.dl_ as decribed above
and put it in the I386 setupdir.
That's it.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????
What changes does this patch to my System and how to undo it?
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

1. It modifies c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\Winlogon.exe and creates a
backup named Winlogon.bak
UNDO: Rename Winlogon.exe -> Winlogon.OUT
Rename Winlogon.bak -> Winlogon.exe
After Reboot you will be able to delete Winlogon.OUT if you like

2. The RegistryValue
HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\WPAEvents\\[OOBETimer]
is set to a fixed value as it is activated.
UNDO: Edit this with Regedit and set Last Byte to FF.
This will 'DeActivate' Windows

Note: Normally this value is written (not read!) by winlogon.exe on
every start up just as information for MSOOBE.
This value has no effect on the real Activation.

3. The 'Activate Windows' Link from the Startmenu is remove
UNDO: Start\\Execute:
rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection RESTORE_OOBE_ACTIVATE 132 syssetup.inf

Other Changes:
HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Set up
"SourcePath" and "ServicePackSourcePath" will be temporary delete during the patch
and (if nothing real bad happens) restored if it's finished.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
How to set another path to Winlogon.exe?
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????

Right click on the 'Apply/Browse' button.
If the Patch is already and the 'Apply/Browse' button is greyed out
Right click on the 'Quit' button to force unlock all buttons.

Note: You can also use the Windows Anti WPA Patch to de-protect
(Remove SelfCheckBlock SCB) from other protected
Microsoft exe and dll's:
For ex: licdll.dll, DPCDLL.dll or Windows PLUS! Pack Executables
Of course the WPA-Patch is skipped in this case.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????
The Patch doesn't work after I rebooted, the WPA Reminder pops up again.
Also during the Patch the Windows Systemfile Protection Dialogbox didn't
come up.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? Xp_Hack.exe
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XP Hack -5in1- (AIO)
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